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Shannon M. Wong, Potter

I love working with my hands.  As a potter, I find that the act of creating a piece of work is meditative, centering and very therapeutic.  It is wonderful to be able to share what comes from this special space with others.  

I mainly create functional pieces using my wheel.  I love the idea that the objects I create are being used on a daily basis.  It is sweet indeed to think that a mug that I made might be someone’s favorite coffee mug.  That lobster mug might just propel a happy start to the day by reminding the drinker of their trip to Maine.  


I am attracted to cool colors and thus is my color pallet.  The natural world fuels me.  Thus you will find many natural motifs used in my pots.  Lobsters, botanical stamps, dragonflies, spirals, mountains, starfish and the list is expanding!  


I enjoy the range of work that comes my way.  Custom personal orders, wholesale, stores, craft shows.  They are all good!  


I hope that on some level my work touches you, inspires you, moves you, transforms you.  From my heart through my hands to you.




The pottery is high fired to cone 5-6.  Pieces are very durable and can be microwaved and placed in the dishwasher.  Their life may be extended through hand washing and the avoidance of thermal shock.  Bakeware can be placed in a cool oven and then brought up to temperature.